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About Lowara:

Lowara is a leader in the European residential and commercial pump market. It is part of ITT, the world’s largest producer of pumps and complementary products for water and industrial fluid applications. ITT is a global multi-industrial company active in fluid technology, defense systems, components for the automative industry, connectors and switches for information systems and telecommunications

Lowara Company

Lowara guarantees high quality, reliability, cost-effective pumping systems, maximizing efficiency in order to satisfy customer's needs at best.Lowara pumps are manufactured in AISI 304 and AISI 316 fabricated stainless steel, that covers many applications from water to some chemical compositions. This innovation confirms Lowara to be utilising top class material to achieve excellence and guaranteed performances.



Single Stage Pumps* Lowara Products

Multistage Pump
*Heating, Air Conditioning and Hot Water Circulation Pumps
*Drainage and Sewage Pumps
*Borehole Pumps
*Booster Pump Sets
*Variable Speed Controls and Pumps
*Pump Control Panels
*Pump Accessories

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